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The Pseudo Side of Social Media

Have you ever went into a social media platform and not once compared yourself to another individual? And have you ever noticed how social media controls how we feel like our feelings and emotions should be portrayed? We live in era where social media has become a humongous part of our lives so it effects us in negative and positive ways. We are constantly shown images that give us a false narrative and/or effects the way we need to portray ourselves. It’s time we take a closer look at social media and the strong effects it has on our lives and in return society itself.      As I scrolled down my Instagram feed a few days ago, my eye immediately caught a flawlessly taken picture of the breath takingly and beautiful Zendaya. I noticed how smooth and flawless her skin was and how perfect hair was and began comparing her image to my flaws. It’s funny how one image can make you forget about who you as a person and you begin to hound on your flaws. We have to remind ourselves that al…

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