Introduction: Me

     Welcome to my blog. My Name is Ifeoma Mary Madueke. I was born in Nigeria but left at the age of 3. My family and I moved to Berry Islands, Bahamas in which I grew up but shortly moved to another Island. I loved the island life that consisted of running around bare feet, climbing trees, and attempting to catch fish with my sister. 
     As a foreigner, moving to a new country is never easy. I was bullied for being African and called ugly numerous times throughout primary school and junior high school. I also struggled when I watched my mother fight breast cancer many times but passed away in 2008.  My father was very heart broken and moved us here to the United States in 2010. June 28, 2019 makes the 9-year anniversary. Unfortunately, he didn’t make far himself. On May 29 2011, my father and I were driving home from church and got into a terrible car accident. He didn’t make it but I did. As I struggled frantically to get out of the car, I couldn’t help but look over to see the blood dripping from his head and hands. Four years later I graduated high school on that same exact date.  
    Now that you have a sense of who I am, my past and also see that I’ve moved around quite a bit. Each country that I’ve lived in has become a part of me. I don’t just identify as a Nigerian, I'm also a Bahamian and an American. I say that because my blogs will not just be about one topic. I've had multiple experiences in my life that makes me who I am today and that will reflect in my blogs. I've recently came to the realization that I’m not able to be categorized. Mostly because that's how humans get to know themselves. I tried creating a YouTube but struggled with choosing what my channel’s main focus. I began to realize the reason I’m struggling is because I’ve been trying to make sense of who I am as a person and what category that I best fit in. I don’t belong into just one but into multiple. 
     I encourage you on this journey with me to speaking raw honesty, vulnerability and pushing the comfort areas. With that being said, I do fit the label being a Christian. My posts will also include my love for God and how he has changed my life but I will also shine a light on other religions. I believe that we all have a purpose to change the world that we live in. My purpose is bigger than me and you, so I also hope to connect to you and that I can relate as well. 2019 is the year to ditch comfort and grow.  Open mindedness and the willingness to look at life from a different perspective is a plus.


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