Dating as a Millenial

      As a millennial, I see the world differently compared to baby boomers or the generations before me.  I am completely ignorant to what dating was like before millennial's because what I see now became my reality. I barely see men take women out on actual dates, we don’t communicate effectively due to technology, marriage is not the end goal any longer, online and casual dating is the new hype, and relationships are viewed as a burden. For women and men that want meaningful relationships and friendships, struggle to find one.
     As a single college student, I don’t recall the last time I’ve been on a date where I’m asked to the go to the movies or to dinner which resulted in my disinterest of the dating scene. The millennial version of dates is defined by these two words, Netflix and chill. Men are not being held accountable for not courting a girl and making her feel special, that is thrown out the window. Respect for women is disregarded and vice versa. Self-respect and self-worth redefine themselves in order to keep up as well.  
     Texting is another millennial dating technique that is misused. Texting instead of face to face communication hinders us from human interactions and create miscommunication and misinterpretation. Texting is great to keep in touch but not to have real conversations.
    Millennial's are known to break down traditions, but I believe traditions are what keeps us afloat and sane. Take marriage for example, today marriage is viewed in some eyes as a negative arrangement which pushes individuals to the conclusion that marriage is a ridiculous idea.  The fear of heart break and disappointment decides for most of us which gives birth to arrangements like civil unions.  A civil union consists of the activities that the wedded does excluding the marriage ceremony aspect. Couples live together and promise themselves to each other, but not till death.
     And of course, the online and casual dating scene. No one wants to be tied down to just one person and the use of meaningless sex in replacement of a relationship. Don’t we see that we’re hurting ourselves even more by attempting to prevent heart break from an unsuccessful relationship. We’re disregarding our self-worth and self-respect for temporary pleasures because of Fear. Fear is the abstinence of courage. If we continue to surrender to our fears, we will never grow.

Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of Fear.

   -George Addair


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