Sinner Vs Sinner

From the beginning, God created man equally which means we are meant to treat each other as equals. Adam and Eve were created equally, loved and treated equally by God. This also means that we are all sinners and we all have flaws. As humans, it’s much easier to point fingers at someone else and point out their flaws other than to point fingers at ourselves and acknowledge our own flaws. For example, I was in a situation where I struggled with speaking out about my past and how it still haunts me to this day. I struggled with conveying that message to my friend and being vulnerable with my emotions. When someone else’s flaws and sins were brought up, I instantly found it much easier to indulge in gossip and forget about my troubles. What I’ve come realize is when you begin to point the finger at yourself, you find yourself growing in some many ways unimaginably. You’ll begin to grow spiritually, mentally and physically. When you’re focused on making your own grass green, you won’t even have the time to look over on the other side to compare grasses.  
It’s also human nature to build up defense mechanisms in order to prevent ourselves from getting hurt verbally and physically. Sometimes, we confuse our defense mechanisms with our ego. When I feel like I’m being attacked whether it’s physically or verbally, my defense mechanism is to defend myself from being injured or to prevent myself from being treated as inferior, respectfully. Our ego is completely different. Mentally speaking, ego usually shows up when arguments begin. To separate the two; an example for when your ego is speaking is when your calling the other individual names, bring up past mistakes and their flaws. An example for a defense mechanism is speaking to the person respectfully whilst not allowing them to disrespect you. Our communication needs to be rewired in order to effectively convey our messages.
If you look in the bible, when someone makes a mistake or sins, the villagers immediately throw stones at them or the person is exiled. There are multiple stories where men and women are attacked by the villagers but the one story that stands out is the one we should all learn from. A lady was found guilty for committing adultery which she was then sentenced to being stoned. Before the stoning began, Jesus walked over and stood in front of her. He then said, “If anyone of you have not sinned before, then you should cast the first stone.” In society today, you still see celebrities metaphorically being stoned for mistakes/sins that they’ve made. In Gods’ eyes, sin is sin. My sin is not greater than the next persons sin and vice versa. We are taking the role of God and casting judgement upon other sinners when we sin as well. It’s very similar to pointing fingers at others instead ourselves. Who am I to cast judgement when I am too a sinner and have sinned?
When we can focus on ourselves, communicate effectively, not cast judgement on others is when we realize what love is. love is accepting an individual for their past and embracing it. I am not perfect and so is the next person and accepting that truth is what builds an accepting and loving society. The road to a loving society will not be easy but nothing that is worth fighting for is easy.


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