Struggles We Face: From a Different Angle

Is it hard to be a woman in this day and age? Yes.

Am I biased? Of course, but it doesn’t make it false.

Now in saying that it’s hard to be a woman in this century, I’m not invalidating the struggles that men face. Men struggle with many things that women cannot begin to comprehend. As a person who has an interest in movies and tv shows, I stumbled upon actor Justin Baldoni who plays the character of Rafael in CW’s Jane the Virgin. On Justin’s Ted Talk, he speaks about his life experiences as a man and how much pressure it was on him as a boy to be considered masculine or “man enough”. The most common misconception that crying is not “manly enough” has evolved over the years but some men are still looked down upon when they show tears and express emotions. Justin goes to speak on how feminine and masculinity are taught to be polar opposites but in fact, they interlock with each other. Our society has put the stereotypes of what makes you a “man” upon men which in turn has made most men view vulnerability as a weakness. Weak is a term that has undermined men for centuries and even affects how men view themselves and each other. Men can break the stereotype of being “man enough” by embracing their feminine side.

Women also struggle with many things that men don’t encounter. I’m not speaking about menstrual cycles, child birth and the effects it has on women bodies although it is still a apart of our struggles. I’m talking about the gender pay inequality, the degrading of women that still exists in society today, the pressure to look a certain way to obtain the approval of a man, the pressure to have kids, to be successful, to be married by a certain age, men with power having a say on our bodies when it comes to abortion, used as an object and not a person, and being the victim of millions of unheard rape stories. The list goes on and on. I believe the biggest struggle we have right now in society is the use of women as objects. Don't get me wrong, some men also get treated like objects but it's more in the direction of women.

Each gender has its own struggles but we all also have the same struggles that interlocks the way that feminine and masculinity does. It’s when we come together and treat each other as human beings is when we can make a huge change in our society for the better.


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