Misogyny & Misandry

What is misogyny?

     Misogyny is an unconscious or conscious discriminatory behavior towards women.
     In today’s culture, misogyny is still a huge issue. It has gotten worse in the dating culture and shows no sign of stopping. You won’t be able to spot a misogynist from far away, but you spot it when you see the signs. Misogyny can come in many forms including sexual discrimination, degrading of women, sexual objectification of women, disrespect, and violence towards women. A great example is the disrespect. I’ve overheard multiple conversations in the past between two men where a woman is being called a “bitch” or a “cunt” for not submitting to their requests. Another example is a man, boyfriend, or husband forcing a woman into giving sexual pleasures without consent.  Women are finally standing up for themselves with the #metoo and the #timesup movement which shows a huge progression from where we stood initially.

Can a woman be a misogynist?

      Of course, a woman can be a misogynist as well. In society today with the LGBTQ Community more open than ever, there are women that are misogynists that exist. Just like a black person can be racist, a woman can be misogynist. 

What is Misandry?

     In explaining misogyny, I don’t want to neglect the fact that there also a term called Misandry. Misandry is also seen in many way including sexual discrimination, sexual objectification, degrading of men, and violence behavior towards men. I’ve also overheard many conversations between females objectifying a male. Violence towards men is a huge one that goes unnoticed. Men are physically abused as well. We turn our backs when men speak up about their experience with physical and verbal abuse of women towards them. Where is the equality in that?

      Misogyny and Misandry is a huge issue in our society today, so we have to take a step back as individuals and evaluate what we are doing to contribute to it and make the necessary changes.


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