The Pseudo Side of Social Media

      Have you ever went into a social media platform and not once compared yourself to another individual? And have you ever noticed how social media controls how we feel like our feelings and emotions should be portrayed? We live in era where social media has become a humongous part of our lives so it effects us in negative and positive ways. We are constantly shown images that give us a false narrative and/or effects the way we need to portray ourselves. It’s time we take a closer look at social media and the strong effects it has on our lives and in return society itself. 

     As I scrolled down my Instagram feed a few days ago, my eye immediately caught a flawlessly taken picture of the breath takingly and beautiful Zendaya. I noticed how smooth and flawless her skin was and how perfect hair was and began comparing her image to my flaws. It’s funny how one image can make you forget about who you as a person and you begin to hound on your flaws. We have to remind ourselves that all of the images that catch our attention is edited and made to portray a false narrative of a “perfect individual”. No one is perfect and that we all have flaws. The false narrative of a “perfect individual” also bleeds into my next example. 

      The portrayal of a “perfect individual” of ourselves on social media. I get it. We all wanna be viewed as this “perfect individual” but it is only causing harm. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health issues we face today. According to a recent study, spending time on social media has shown a substantial increase (13-66 percent)  in reported depression. I also feel the pressure when I do decide to post on social media. I wonder to myself...why can’t I show how frustrated, confused and angry I am at the world. When I do post a negative emotion, I feel this urge to delete it afterwards because it’s not portraying me as “perfect”. So why do we feel the need to only show our good days or highlights? Why do we feel the need to constantly show this false narrative of how perfect we are if we aren’t? 

    Now don’t get me wrong, social media has it’s positive aspects to it. We now have the power to connect with family members and friends that live far away from us. We also have the power to stay in contact with close range family members and friends and to even make new friends.

      Not allowing the negative side of social media to effect us is key but it only works to a certain extent. I take breaks from social media but yet when I do get back, from time to time I still get overwhelmed by the urge to only post things that paint me in the “perfect” image. We need to start accepting ourselves and in return, we automatically become accepting to others. We all have our own issues and flaws but proudly accepting that it is apart of who we are and realizing that it doesn’t define us, we can heal and move forward. The change starts within us. I’m doing my part, Are you?


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